Grace Yoo (CD10) Endorsed by Former L.A.P.D. Chief and City Councilman Bernard Parks Sr., State Senate Pro Tem David Roberti, and Assemblyman Warren Furutani

Los Angeles, Calif.— TODAY, community advocate and candidate for Los Angeles City Council District 10 Grace Yoo was endorsed by David Roberti, Former President Pro Tempore of the California State Senate. In his endorsement, Roberti highlighted Grace’s longstanding commitment to advocating for local communities.

“I confidently endorse Grace Yoo for City Council District 10,” said Roberti. “As a former public servant with a legal background, I understand the unique blend of skills that Grace’s attorney background will bring to the table for her constituents. Grace has been at the forefront of legal battles to protect fair representation and the quality of our neighborhoods, so I know she possesses the courage and tenacity needed to lead us in the months and years ahead. Affordable Housing, Infrastructure, economic opportunity – these are all issues that Grace will use her years of legal experience and community advocacy abilities to help solve.”

Roberti’s endorsement adds to a growing base of support for Grace Yoo’s campaign. Just this past month, Retired California State Assemblyman Warren Furutani and Retired City Councilman/L.A.P.D. Chief Bernard Parks, Sr., also announced their firm support for Grace’s candidacy.

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