WHY I’m Running

I’m running for City Council because I believe in the fundamental idea that government exists to serve the people. I believe elected officials should listen and respond appropriately to the needs of the people.

For too long City Hall has prioritized developer’s interests at the expense of neighborhoods and families.

The culture of corruption and abuse has disgraced our City and underscored why new leadership is needed.

Career politicians cater to special interests instead of their constituents. Until new voices are at the table, we will continue to get more of the same.

I’ve taken on powerful interests and WON.

Whether it’s stopping the destruction of our City’s green spaces and mega developers from circumventing our environmental protections, or discrimination by City Hall politicians ignoring fair representation requirements, I have stood with and fought for neighborhood residents and those without a voice.

I’m not a career politician. I’m a community advocate and activist who has dedicated my life to fight for children and communities that are too often neglected. As a K-12 LAUSD alum and first generation immigrant, it’s personal.

I’ll never lose sight of who City Hall should be serving: our neighborhoods, families, and businesses. On City Council, I’ll fight to:

  • Tackle the Affordable Housing and Homeless Crisis by listening to all members of our neighborhoods and implementing common sense solutions that we know will work for everyone, not just the mega developers.

  • Improve City Infrastructure so that emergency response times will decrease and safety increase. It’s time to invest in every neighborhood and not just the select few.

  • Clean up the Corruption in City Hall by increasing transparency and accountability, fair due process and implementing sexual harassment guidelines.

  • Environmental Protection for our City, starting with preserving our trees and the limited Green Space that currently exists. No Fracking within City Boundaries.

  • Women's Rights/ Sexual Harassment guidelines that pave the way to make equal pay for equal work the norm.

It would be my honor to fight for you and serve the people of CD 10 as your Councilwoman.

-Grace Yoo, Esq.