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Grace Yoo is an officially declared candidate for the upcoming 2020 Los Angeles City Council District 10 campaign. Grace has been a dedicated community advocate looking out for the interests of the community and at the forefront of legal battles for fair representation. She helped bring three lawsuits against the City of Los Angeles to date. One lawsuit was for improper Redistricting of boundaries based on race, and the other two were based on California Environmental Quality Act violations -allowing a 27-story building in a residential zone, and the other for cutting down shade trees when fixing sidewalks.

Grace has served on numerous boards, committees and task forces including serving as the Vice-President of the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation Commission. She has spent most of her career advocating for people and communities to help navigate the legal system and shed light on governmental bureaucracy.

More than 15 years of Grace’s professional career has been dedicated to empowering citizens as the Executive Director of both the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association (NAPABA) and the Korean American Coalition (KAC). Grace Yoo is also a certified mediator and works with community leaders of every community and ethnicity to resolve conflict and tension in the broader community. Early in her career she represented abused and neglected children as an attorney in Edelman Children’s Court. In 2015, Grace opened up her own law firm specializing in Estate Planning and Probate.



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